First Blog Post

     Hello blog readers. My name is Emma Rose Davis and I am sixteen years old. I thought I would start a blog out of pure love for them. I tend to read blogs myself and thought this would be a good way to keep people like my relatives and friends up to date on my life.   Going into my junior year and before I know it my senior year and college, I feel like “blogging” will be a good way for me to remember all of these precious memories.

Celebrating the Fourth Of July 

This summer had its ups and downs. Some of the ups including going to Six Flags Over Georgia, going to the Orange Beach, and going on the FUMC Bahamas mission trip. One of the major downs was Claudia, my cousin, sister, and best friend, moving. With all these things God was showing me how blessed I truly was. Words cannot describe the roller coaster of this summer. So here is an iMovie to try and explain it. Thanks for reading and sticking with me through this journey!

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