So I have recently picked up my moms camera and started taking pictures. With taking these pictures has got me looking at the pictures that were already on the camera making me very nostalgic. One of my favorite things in this world is pictures. Every time I look at a picture I remember what I was doing or what was going on that day. For most people this isn’t such a big deal but I have a TERRIBLE memory. I honestly couldn’t tell you what happened early this week. I thought I would share some of these pictures and memories. 


     All I have to say about that cluster of pictures is bless my mothers heart. She wanted one good picture. But hey, the memories of taking these make me laugh.  When I was looking at these pictures recently I realized just how much I miss this annoying older brother of mine. Since he is now living in Oxford I find myself getting very bored and not knowing who to go get Taco Bell with. I don’t get to see him as often as I like but the first Ole Miss game is just right around the corner and we will get to see him then.
  So soon but not soon enough will I get to see my big brother. I do miss him but when he comes home I realize how nice it is to have my own bathroom. I also realize that these pictures are from Christmas but ehh I think they are some of my favorite pictures we have ever taken. So Scottie if you actually read the text I send you and read this I love you bunches and I’m sure we all would appreciate if you would come home soon. Oh and I also can’t wait to meet my cat nephew Ash.

Thanks for Reading!


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