Oxford Surprises

     So probably two weeks ago I was thinking about how exciting it was that it was the first Ole Miss game coming up that weekend. I was especially excited because my friends from Oxford, that I met through the Happening, and I had been talking about how we would finally be “reunited.”  This had me thinking, we were going Saturday but I saw no problem in us going up Friday afternoon. I wanted to go Friday because I wanted to surprise my friend Anna Katherine at the Oxford High School football game that night. So then started the begging. My dad and I were the only ones making this trip as Scottie lives in Oxford and my mom had to work. So for probably a good hour I told my dad the pros and cons of why we should go and shouldn’t stay here in Columbus. That was interesting to say the least. So he finally said “well text your brother and see what his schedule is.” I did as my father asked and politely texted Scottie and asked if that would be alright. He of course said yes so that week Jane Cypert, other oxford friend and helper of surprise, and I secretly schemed our way to getting a good surprise for Anna Katherine. Well wouldn’t you know that something would go wrong. My poor dad was sick for 3 days. Thank you for everyone who sent prayers for him. I was very sad because of this I knew we wouldn’t be going to Oxford but I knew that my daddy’s health came first. I told him multiple times that we didn’t need to go and that I could execute a surprise some other time. See at this point you are probably thinking “Emma you are 16. Why don’t you drive yourself?” I said the SAME thing. My mom thinks that “a cute 16 year old girl shouldn’t be driving around the square by herself the Friday before the first home game.” So that is why I couldn’t just hop in my car and go. But wouldn’t you know that Mike Davis keeps a promise and we were off to Oxford.

     Fast forward a few hours and Jane Cypert and I were hiding at the Oxford High game by the bathrooms hoping we were not spotted by people we knew. We got to the game at half time just in time to see Anna Katherine dance. We knew that when she came off the field after half time that would be when we surprise her. Well, you should know that this was the Oxford vs Lafayette game. Big school rivalry. Big crowd. Lots of people. We ventured out into the crowd to try to find Anna Katherine before she found us. Well we saw someone we knew so as one does we ran back to the bathrooms and hid. How did we get Anna Katherine to the bathrooms you may ask. Well Jane Cypert had the wonderful idea to text AK and tell her she was sick in the bathrooms and needed her ASAP. Being the good friend AK is she came as fast as she could. Well there is a little wall by the bathrooms that made it where AK couldn’t see me but she could see Jane Cypert. So Jane sees and and we start to walk towards her and well this happened…
She cried and I almost did. We spent the rest of the night hanging out and catching up. It was absolutely wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for the surprise to go any better.

      The next day was the first home Ole Miss game. I was looking forward to the atmosphere of the Grove and tailgate food. We went to the game and had such fun time. You would expect for it to be warm on September 13th but no. I was cold the entire day. But hey, I will take cold weather over hot any day. I am so thankful for these amazing friends I made through God. They have put such a smile on my face when nobody else could. So Anna Katherine and Jane Cypert come to Columbus soon. I miss y’all already. 
Thanks for reading!!!

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