First College Visit

           I am growing up and it is terrifying. I went on my first college visit this past weekend and holy cow how is that even a possibility.  I can’t imagine that this time next year I will be a senior in high school. Anna invited me to go with her for a college visit at Louisiana Tech. I was very excited as I had only ever been to Ole Miss to tailgate but never actually toured a college. I also had never been to Louisiana so lots of first. We stayed with Anna’s grandparents and had a day full of events planned for Saturday. We woke up and went to the Duck Commander warehouse. I didn’t find John Luke and that was pretty sad but it was the perfect opportunity for social media worthy pictures.                                                                               

 So we then proceeded to go hang out with Anna’s siblings until it was time to go to Time Out for Tech, the event we would be attending. We started off at registration and then took a tour of the campus. Then we got to go to the bookstore and get some LA Tech merchandise. To end our Tech experience, the schools band played and we sat around and watched that. We then went to Anna’s brother’s house and grilled out. We ended the day by going to the football game against the Northwestern State University Demons. Tech lost but it was a good game to watch. It was a grand time so thanks to Anna and her family for taking
me. I still can’t believe I am old enough to be going on college visits. It is all so surreal to me.

Thanks for reading!

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