Fall, Football, and Family Time.

     Oh what a wonderful time of year it is. We are now on the downward slope to Christmas people. November 1st marked Christmas music time and you best believe that I was jamming to Mariah Carey singing All I Want For Christmas Is You.  I thought  I would share some pictures from the past few weekends including a trips to the grove, the pumpkin patch, and a nature walk/”hike” Anna and I went on. This is just basically going to be a big catch up fall post. Hope you enjoy!

Nana finally came to the grove!

My number one supporter of my blog. ily Rachel

5 of 12 of the Davis side of our cousins.
(from left to right)
Will Ballinger, me, Andrew Davis, Anne Claire Ballinger, and Jackson Ballinger. 
Dena at the pumpkin patch. (above and below)

Fall selfie because I can. 

Anna in nature.

God’s beautiful creation. Taken at Plymouth Bluff walking trails. 

Thanks for reading!

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