It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Oh how much I love christmas time. Tis a magical time when life gets extremely hectic and doesn’t slow down until well after the new year. December was one for the books. It has been so hard for me to stop and write for my blog. But I am here now so no worries. There are so many pictures and videos I want to share. Sadly I can only share a few. I went to BreakThru, a church retreat, also during this month but I am going to do a separate blog post for that. Merry late Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Small Group Christmas Party 

Ann Caroline Harrell and Anna LeBrun
Picture taken through Christmas light bulb

Yours truly and my goofy brother

Nan’s teacake cookies 

Trip to Oxford


Future Roomate 

Frozen Cast: from left to right and top to bottom
Sven, Christoff, Elsa
Troll, Ana, Olaf

Artsy Pic taken by Ann Caroline Harrell

I don’t have a coffee problem. 


Dickerson Grandchildren

Davis family selfie

Claudia FINALLY came home.

Christmas Eve manicures with Nana and Claudia

All is calm all is bright…

Jumping for joy that Claudia came home.

My christmas day view

Received a GoPro for Christmas and went picture crazy.

Davis/Madison family selfie. 

Thanks for reading!!!

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