A Day With Nana

     Hello blog readers! So my last post was a few of my favorite things. I though now I would talk about one of my favorite things. Two weekends ago I spent a day with Nana. For those of you that don’t know Nana is my super hip grandmother. ( She is also the mother of my father.) It was just a nice relaxing day. It started off with Chick-fil-A breakfast so how could it be bad. Our main project of the day was converting our VHS home movies to DVDs. Its fun to look back on all of these old memories. We also tried a icing recipe I found on pinterest. Its a brown sugar based recipe. The icing  almost had a caramel marshmallow taste. If you want to try it for yourself here is the recipe We finished the day with dinner. Hearing my grandparents talk about being married for 52 years is so amazing. I can only hope that my marriage is like theirs. I am so thankful for days with my Nana and the memories that I will be able to share with my kids and grandkids someday. I also went to dinner with Nana and Papa on Friday night. I just sat and realized that like it was the same as it was when I was little. The only thing that changed was the conversations. Very thankful for my healthy and loving grandparents. I am so spoiled by them and I love every minute of it. 

Thanks for reading!!!

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