You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

     It’s all coming to an end. The whirlwind that has been Junior year has come to an end. As we have turned in final assignments and received exemptions, I have felt very reflective of the past year and what it has entailed. There has been some good moments, bad moments, scary moments, and surreal moments. I don’t know quite how to wrap my mind around all that has happened. We ran in as seniors a few weeks ago and it was such a crazy feeling. This year has been different. Everyone always says that junior year is when you and your friends really find yourself. It’s so true. For the most part, we have all matured a little this year. So I am now officially a senior.  I’ve had trouble comprehending what is all about to happen in my life. I’ve described it to people as like a scary movie. I know what is about to happen but I still get scared when something pops out from behind a door or something. I have seen the classes in front of me graduate. I can’t comprehend the fact that a year from now my days at Heritage will be over.  I am so thankful for every single good and bad thing that has happened this year. You may be wondering why I would be happy about bad things. I’m happy because every event that has happened has lead me to where I am now. I wouldn’t have the friends or memories I have if these things wouldn’t have happened. A lot of times it’s easier to dwell on the bad things that happen but we need to look at the happy events. (preaching to myself a little) So to my class thanks for the fun and weird times this year.To my parents, thanks for dealing with me. To everyone reading this post, THANK YOU this has been such a major outlet for me to just be able to write and be myself. We aren’t finished yet. Many more summer post are to come.


First pep rally/dress up day

grioting for our pats

surprising Anna Katherine at an OHS football game
powderpuff football game
Tennessee vs Ole Miss 

One Direction Concert

Thanksgiving with the Ballingers

Frozen Birthday Party

Christmas Eve

Rave themed basketball game

New York City
Spring Break

The Happening


Market Street

Boyce Adams for Congress Campaign

Last time to park in the sophomore/junior parking lot
Heritage Academy Class of 2016

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