Summer 2015

Summer. For each person it means something different. For some it may mean laying out every day and having epic pool parties. Others may find themselves at a real job every day of the week. For me it meant lots of babysitting and binge watching. While I could go on about the unimaginable hours I spent watching Greys Anatomy and Gossip Girl, I’m choosing to tell you about the memories that were made this summer.  As I said earlier, a lot of babysitting and binge watching took place. However, I did get to enjoy lots of time with some of my closest friends, lay out, and take a few fun road trips. I hope you enjoy seeing a little glimpse of what I was up to. I hope to later be able to post an iMovie of some go pro videos from different places I have been this summer! Without further ado, enjoy!!!

Baby cuddles is the best part of my “job”

The Habitat for Humanity Duck Race

VBS or start of my new career? 
went to see AL at nerd camp

Happy Fathers day to the best dad ever.
Radical Dadical

I would say I spent 85% of my summer in this
exact spot. Two favorite things

Got to see my Bertha at a meeting for Jesus

Stayed up until midnight to apply to Ole Miss
Hotty Toddy!!!

treated myself to mani?pedis and coffee

Making homemade ice cream on the 4th of July

fireworks with my fav Han Fran

Helen (Anna Katherine) took me to the beach

My love Amy surprised me in a lovely way

pool party or photo shoot

a very small portion of the AMAZING staff of
Happening #14

Nick Ellis was in charge of Happening #14 and he
did an incredible job. 

late night movie dates with my loves

ending summer with my favorite people 
go back to back they said
it’ll be fun they said
Thanks for reading!!!
XOXO, Emma Rose

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