Back to School

     We did it. We made it this far. Senior year. What all the hype has lead up to. It’s just about how I expected it to be. Lots of “oh where are you going to college?” “don’t blink or you’ll be my age” “well don’t rush anything. This IS the best time of your life.”
     So we rode in taking our reign as the senior class. Apparently we run this but we just aren’t so sure.We went on the annual senior retreat and “bonded” as a class. It actually was a lot of fun. There is nothing like hanging up eno’s and just talking about life with your friends. I am very thankful for my class even though I say I’m dropping out of high school on a daily basis.

    We have begun our last first. Last first day of school, last first youth group, last first small group, last first football game and pep rally, and this is only the beginning. On our “run in” t shirt we had the quote “Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” Even though every day we are thrown these dates of future endeavors I am trying to treasure every moment.  It’s one of those surreal things where every now and then I will stop and think “I am a senior in high school.” I can remember being little and never thinking I would get to this point because it seemed so far away. But now its here and I can’t believe it. So to the Class of 2016 I love you all. Lets do this.  Hope you enjoy a little video I put together of senior retreat and run in! Thanks for reading and watching! XOXO, Emma Rose

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