Friday Night Lights

     As humans, we live by schedules. Mine this fall have included the following things on a Friday night. 5:30 – go to taco bell with the squad, 6 – meet the senior girls in the parking lot to paint faces, 6:45 – go to the game. This has been a very constant thing in my life and last Friday was the last time I will ever get to do it. I am saddened by this fact. This thing that I have been doing will no longer be the way it has always been. Sure, next year I will be going to The Grove and tailgating before the games but it is not the same. I have had more fun this football season than I have any other year. On our second to last and last games I took some videos. I feel like it is a great representation of what our student section has become. The first few clips of us in the pink is from the Winston game. The red clips are from our homecoming. Also, a huge congratulations to our football team for making it to playoffs! To all the students that participated this year in the student section, the senior class and I would personally like to thank you for backing up our football team with us and letting us get to have so much fun this season. I welled up while making this video thinking about all the good memories of the season. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and will for years to come. Now lets get ready for basketball season.

Thanks for reading!!!

XOXO, Emma Rose

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