New Year

     Hello lovely readers. Well, its a new year and a “new me.” Isn’t that just what people are supposed to say? When in reality after I eat a salad I treat myself to ben and jerry’s. However, I do want to share some of my goals for the new year on my blog. This way I feel as though I am held accountable because it’s on the internet and we all know that whatever is on the internet is true. My first goal this year is a simple one. I want to drink more water. I got a cheap 6 dollar water bottle from TJ Maxx and I am trying to carry it with me. My second goal is to get in shape. Mikey D, also known as my father, and I were doing such a good job of walking every night but as most of you know life got real hectic real fast so our fitness came to a halt. My third goal is to try new things. There is going to be a lot of cool opportunities that come my way this year and I am ready to take them on. If you know me, you know that I LOVE a good quote. I have a page of notes on my phone that is just quotes. For Christmas, my mom got me a coffee cup that says “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I am about to be thrown a lot of curve balls in life and I am hoping I will be able to handle them. My fourth goal is a simple one. In this year I want to do more of what makes me happy. I am about to get real honest and emotional with the internet here. These past two years have been rough. Now there have been some super positive moments and some super negative moments. What I want to take out of that is to do more of what I love and to live for me. I am tired of living to try and impress others. God did not put me on this earth to live a life that isn’t myself. So for instance, I am going to take more vlog style videos like the few I have put on here. That is something I really enjoy doing and looking back on. I am going to drink more coffee. It may be horrible for me but I really enjoy it. I am going to bake more. It is something that I have loved since I was little. I am so blessed and I do not want to take anymore days for granted. Now that does mean that some days I may stay in bed all day, but I am okay with that. God does things sometimes that just blow my mind. Like when you’ve had consecutively bad days and your friends surprise you with treats and goodies just to make you feel better. Those are the times that I think just about how great God is at just working things out. Its 2016, which means t minus 5 months until graduation and 8 months until college. Lots of countdowns going on but I am going to just live for every moment while I can. 
Thanks for reading!!!
XOXO, Emma Rose

Christmas Eve with my nuggets 
I have an older brother

Me and my pal AL 
small group love 🙂

hands touching hands

a few of my favorite things 

I’m 18, so now I am old and wise.

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