I’m in College Y’all

     Ok so I apologize for the lack of posting. However, I am back and so excited to tell y’all about my first month and a half of college. Having a little bit of a rocky start was so worth the amount of laughs and excitement I have already had while being here. I have already met girls who I know without a shadow of a doubt will be my best friends for the rest of my life. Classes are difficult and there are no off days. But the naps are plentiful, the food is good, and the friendships are the best.  So we moved in and had our room perfectly set up and it is the best thing ever. Our room is the hub for our wing of the floor. It is where everyone hangs out and the popcorn overfloweth.
     As far as school goes classes are going well. There have been a few different breakdowns but everything is smooth sailing. I have 390 people in my psychology class which is super overwhelming plus the teacher wrote the book he teaches on. But I love my journalism class and my writing class.

     I love being able just to have so many friends and never have a dull moment. In high school I was very much a napper and the kind of person who just loved to stay in her room. Now I am still the same way but I get out of my comfort zone for the right reason. One night this week Anna Katherine (my roomate), Lauren, Carson (basically my roomates), and I went to a midnight sale at one of the local stores here. Everything was 50% off and there was a 5 dollar rack. Honestly it was the most exciting thing I have done since I have been here but it was so worth it. You get a lot of free stuff which is great. The weather is finally nice enough where I do not show up to class dripping wet with sweat. I have wanted to be able to share on my blog so many times but transitioning to college has literally seemed like a full time job. School has been my main priority. I am sitting outside of the starbucks writing this with a venti passion tea lemonade and a chocolate cupcake and could not be happier. I am so happy to be an Ole Miss student and cannot wait to see what the next few years hold for me. I hope y’all will continue on this journey with me and I promise to post more soon! 
PS. Wearing a boot because I fell down some stairs on Labor Day weekend. I broke my toe and came back to school and tried to walk on it. Then I fell down some more stairs on my way to get a boot. Bad break but we are rallying! 

Just sittin on my bed

First Day of School

Yoga Monday

Just an average night with the roomate

She’s my person

The laughs have continued

First Pep Rally

Same School and Same Friends

Sometimes you have to watch wedding videos
 and get your head scratched

Late Night adventures with the girls
From Left to Right
Anna Katherine, Carson, Lauren, Yours Truly

just roommates doing things 


Princess pjs and facials

Childhood Bestie comes to visit

Acworth Squad

My girl Lindsey and I are reunited in college

We cared so we walked
Me, Lauren, Anna Katherine, and Carson

Thanks for reading!!!
XOXO, Emma Rose 

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