Life is Short

College has made me think a lot about life and just how short it is. God has called all of us to do more than what we are doing right now. I have felt very convicted recently about doing more of what I love. Things like writing, photography, and beauty related things. The little things in life mean the most to me. So I am going to do more of those things. As some of you may know I have per recently declared a journalism major. I want to use journalism to spread love and happy things. So my blog is taking a little bit of a switch. Rather than just writing about whats going on in my life. I am going to do a little of that and a lot more of the things I love. It could be anything from writing about a coffee I had or a new mascara I tried but its something I really would enjoy doing. I would love your support and comments! I switched from using blogspot to wordpress which for most of you means nothing but for future reference you can now find my blog on and I will always link it to my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I hope that you all will do more of what you love and that this blog can be a shining light for you. Life is too short to be stuck just doing school work and worrying about what the future holds. Do something to make someone else’s life easier and always remember to do good. Life is crazy and things do not always go as planned but God prevails always. I am so blessed and so thankful for everything I have been given. I am attending the best school in the South and maybe the United States in my opinion. I wake up every day healthy and with air in my lungs. I am now a part of an amazing sorority. I have beautiful, kind, and compassionate friends. My family is so supportive of me. Life is just amazing. I will leave you with something I heard in a bible study recently. The girl speaking was talking about quitting doing something harmful for you. Her example was teenagers who go out and party and things. For me it was being negative.  I have gotten in a bad habit of being negative and not letting myself be happy. She said you choose to stop because you change the desire of your heart and you choose to love the Lord more. YOU have to change the way you look at life and choose to be happy. God is soverign over all of our decisions and does not make a mistake. Thank you for all your love and support always.

Thanks for reading!!!

XOXO, Emma Rose Davis


  1. YOU MY DEAR ARE AMAZING! I’m so proud of who you have become! Can’t wait to see the true path God has chosen for you! I love you Emma 🌹Rose!!! Love, your favorite Aunt!!! ❤️


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