An Open Letter to my Nana


I was daydreaming during my astronomy class about what I could do for you for your birthday. I could send flowers, food, or buy you some new clothes but those are things I would do for you anyway. Instead, I decided I would shower you with memories and love because sometimes I forget to do that.

I’ll start by saying just how much you mean to me. I can’t say that I wasn’t scared of you when I was little. You wouldn’t take crap from any of us but I guess having 12 grandchildren kept you on your toes. However, even at a young age, it instilled in me that there are certain ways to do things and if you do them right you won’t have to do the task over. You always tell me to stop wishing my life away when I count down to every event to there ever was. I have learned so much from you. How to cook, bake, get your way, love unconditionally, but most importantly to love the Lord with every ounce of everything that I have in my body. Some of my favorite memories are helping you prepare for Brazil trips or putting together the shoeboxes. I love to see your involvement in Joy group and getting to pop in every so often. You’ve taught me to be sassy and how to be a queen just like you. You are the boss of EVERYTHING you do. Every shopping trip or dinner date makes my heart swell with love. We both speak the same love language: food. I don’t believe any other 19-year-old girl would claim their 29-year-old grandmother their best friend.

You are my secret keeper, my cuddle buddy, and the person who understands my heart. You have taught me how to stand up for myself and that I shouldn’t change me for anyone. You are so strong. I have always admired your stories about your childhood, traveling, and all the hardships you faced. If I could gain anything from you I would want your resilience spirit. By that I mean if something is thrown at you, you always figure out how to do it or delegate someone to help solve the problem. You put the Lord first and give him all the glory always. You raised 3 kids and loved 12 grandchildren unconditionally. (not to mention the stragglers picked up along the way)

All of this just to say how much you mean to me. I miss you every day but it just makes our time together so much sweeter. Spring rolls and shopping next time I’m home? Happy Birthday special lady. I’ll like you forever, I’ll love you for always. As long as I’m living your baby I’ll be.

Love Always, Your Rosie


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