Freshman Year: Rewind

     Freshman year was one for the books. While many of my friends deemed it “the best year of their life” I cannot say the same. It was one for me that came with a lot of worry, stress, sadness, but mostly learning and growing. As I sat down with my Mom after my last final I said to her that I had learned a lot this year. Not necessarily about academics but about myself as a person. Meeting new people and having your world turned upside down can really change your perspective on the world. I cannot lie when I say that many times transferring and coming home was a trigger ready to be pulled. However, my parents gave me the advice to stick it out for a year. As that was in the back of my head, I persisted. Many nights I would call my mom in tears because I hated this party school and was ready to come home. Up to the last time I left, I cried for 20 minutes when seeing my parents wave me goodbye in our carport. I can say though that with the help of a good podcast and some Broadway show tunes the road to Oxford became shorter and shorter.
     I will be back at Ole Miss in the fall. Continuing with a major in journalism and basking in the new Delta Gamma house that is to be finished in the fall. I have made some pretty incredible friends over these past ten months. Thankfully Stewart Hall showed me that your best friends can be two doors down and DG showed me that no matter the size you’ll find “your people.”
Academically it wasn’t my strongest year but as a person, I’ve grown so much. I truly have seen myself change in just a year. With a little bit of persistence, a whole lot of encouragement, and constant love I was able to finish off my freshman year. If I had to describe this year in one word it would be growth. Spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and so many other ways I grew. To anyone about to start a new chapter, it’s ok to be frustrated, sad, excited, nervous, or anxious because all of these things will pass and you will GROW.
     I cannot say I’m sad freshman year is over but I am so thankful for the tears and belly laughs it held. Truly a life changing year that I will forever be thankful for.  I am looking forward to my second year at Ole Miss where I will continue to, you guessed it, grow. Every day is a new day and I can’t imagine what my sophomore year holds for me.

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  1. Yes, I can certainly tell a difference in you in just those 10 short months! Continue to grow, continue your studies at Ole Miss, continue to be Emma Rose, but always keep your faith and believe YOU are making a difference!


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