Hello, world. I am back in Oxford. This time with a different mindset and some great people in my circle. That being said I want to talk about something that has been very relevant to me this past week: Sisterhood.

Sisterhood is something I wasn’t completely sold on entering a sorority. Growing up with an older brother I never really wanted a sister. I had girl cousins and that was enough for me because I knew that my attention would have been taken away if I would have had a sister. Upon having the opportunity to join a sorority, I was in it for the friends and community but I didn’t know what exactly that entailed. So, today I am going to share what sisterhood means to me.

Sisterhood is having someone to eat with every-day at lunch
Sisterhood is texting your big when you’re upset and her coming to your house without question.
Sisterhood is having girls encourage you daily.
Sisterhood is painting faces and wearing glitter.
Sisterhood is the ability to relate beyond a basic conversation.
Sisterhood is a smile when walking to class.
Sisterhood is buying each other’s books.
Sisterhood is crying laughing at weird youtube videos.
Sisterhood is having someone to play with your hair.
Sisterhood is having an endless closet.
Sisterhood is always having someone to pick you up when you’re down.
Sisterhood is making cookies and sweets just for fun.
Sisterhood is when your sisters tell you that you’ll have a show like Jimmy Fallon someday.
Sisterhood is wearing the same t-shirt as another sister.
Sisterhood is asking what tv show you should watch next.
Sisterhood is meeting the girls who will one day be your bridesmaids.
Sisterhood is having your kids grow up with lots and lots of aunts.
Sisterhood is having someone by your side when you need it most.
Sisterhood is important.
Sisterhood has changed my view on how I carry myself.

Yes, it’s all silly little things but they do add up. They become the girls who you look up to even when they are all your age. Through my two and a half semesters as a Delta Gamma and sorority woman, I have learned that sisterhood is 100% a give and take. If you give yourself to your sisters they will give 110% back. It’s a band of women who not only were sorority women but will forever be a sorority woman because it’s not something you give up once you graduate your respective college.

So to the girl thinking she might still want to sign up for recruitment or the girl who already is. Buckle up and go for it because no matter where you go you’ll always find your way home. Go Greek and get some sisters like mine. I wouldn’t trade my sisterhood for the world.

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