Makeup and Beauty Must-Haves

Hello friends! It has been a minute since I have been here but I am back and will talk more about that in another post!

I have a few products that I love and constantly rave about. Some of them I have used for literally years and some I have bought within the last few weeks. I am going to share with you some high-end and low-end products because I do believe in treating yourself and quality but also I am balling on a real college girl budget. Instead of continuing on I will just let you read about it!

CONAIR Infiniti Pro Dryer

Y’all this hairdryer…let me just tell you. When I would come home on the weekends and forget to bring it I would severely regret it. Not only does it have really good power but it is so affordable. You can get this one for $39 if you click here!

ZOELLA BEAUTY Scooper Dooper Foaming Bath Soak

Let’s talk baths for a minute. I love a bath, anytime and any day. Give me bubbles, Epsom salts, a candle, a book, or a Netflix show…see you in an hour. I LOVE BATHS. However, I have struggled to find a bubble bath that gives me the bubbles I expect. This one exceeds my expectations. With foamy bubbles and a beautiful floral scent, you would not believe that this product is only $11! I bought mine at our local Ulta but will link it here.

Becca Apres Ski Glow Pallet
Becca Apres Ski Glow Pallet

This pallet is an absolute dream. I bought this pallet before leaving for what was ironically a ski vacation. I love Becca’s highlight products so I knew I would love this. Unfortunately, this pallet is no longer available as it was a holiday edition pallet but you can buy one similar here. This was a product I splurged on. I believe it was $50 but with my Ulta points and a sale that was going on, I got it for $25.


I first started doing my makeup when I joined the dance team in seventh grade. My mom and I went to Walgreens and just bought the easiest makeup we could with some cheap brushes. They did just fine for a few years but these brushes are so affordable and come in packages that make them even more accessible. This page here links all there products on Ulta’s website. If you are looking for affordable but high quality brushes then these are for you.

Coty Airspun Translucent Extra Coverage Loose Face Powder

This is a translucent powder but fair warning…it smells like a grandmother. I kind of love the smell but that is neither here nor there. This powder may break your bank. It is a whopping $6. I know. I know. Stay with me though. It is such a cheap alternative for a really great product. I use this to set my face after doing liquid foundation. I will link it here but you can find it at your local Walmart.

Urban Decay Cosmetics: Naked 2 Eyeshadow Pallet
Inside view of pallet that is #cringy

Please excuse how gross this looks. Just want to keep things #real and show y’all just how much I use this. This is probably extremely gross but I have had this pallet for four or five years now. I am very aware that this is way past its shelf life but the reason I have kept it so long is the price. This pallet sells for $50 which I agree is very unreasonable for an eyeshadow pallet. However, I have gotten five years of use out of it. It is the most beautiful neutral tones that work for my brown eyes. They are pigmented and stay on. It is an investment I am glad I made because of the use but I am sure there are other products that do the same thing for much less. I will link it here and you can judge for yourself.

TARTE Maneater Voluptuous Mascara
TARTE Maneater Voluptuous Mascara

I find it so hard to find a mascara I like or even dare say love. Finding one that doesn’t irritate my eyes or run all down my face. When I use this Tarte Maneater Mascara it holds just like I want. Using my eyelash wand and gracing my lashes with this gives me volume and leaves me clump free. It is $23 but I am okay with the price because of its perks for my sensitive eyes. I would repurchase again in a heartbeat. You can buy it here if you want to see what I am talking about.

BED HEAD Curlipops 1” Tourmaline Ceramic Tapered Styling Iron

I have had my hair short since I was a junior in high school. If you’re reading this and don’t know I will be a junior in college in the fall. This curling wand has been my absolute go-to for any event. I love how my hair looks curly and this gives me so many options on the formality of an event. For a more casual look, I just hold the heat on smaller strands of hair for a shorter amount of time and run a brush through it. If I am trying to do more Hollywood glam then I will get bigger sections of hair and hold the heat for longer, then I comb through with my fingers or a brush to make the curls more cohesive.  This hot tool is SO affordable at $30! I have had mine for a few years now and it has never given me any problems. If you are looking to invest in a curling wand click here!

I am sadly not sponsored by any of these products or companies I just really do love them. I worked hard to purchase a lot of these products and wouldn’t be talking about them if I didn’t absolutely love them.

I would be more than willing to do a tutorial or share more detail on how I use each product so leave a comment below letting me know if you would want to see that! I am so excited to be getting back on here and sharing pieces of my life with you!

Thanks for reading and see you soon!!!

XOXO, Emma Rose

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