Girl Gang

I’ve never had a group of friends like the ones I’ve had in the past year. Fall of Sophomore year, I just really felt like Ole Miss wasn’t for me and the people weren’t “my kind of people”. I was convinced if I could get through and graduate I would then find my people. It became my sole mission to achieve in school and say forget about it to a social life.

As my Nana always says “when we make plans, God laughs.” Boy, have I been blessed with such a great group of girls. They are encouraging, funny, intelligent, beautiful, courageous, strong, humble, selfless, Godly, and so much more. After I had surgery, morale was low. They checked on me. Loved on me. Prayed for me and I could feel their thoughts. I still have a few people I’m close with from home and some of those friendships have merged over into new friends and old friends.

To my girl gang, my squad, my sisters, my future bridesmaids, the aunts to my children, and my friends, I am so thankful for you all. You’ve changed my life. Encouraged me for the better. Given me hope for the future. Showed me what it means to be a strong woman, to love unconditionally, to love God, to love each other, and so much more. You’re all beautiful. You’re all kind. You’re all so funny. You’re all my superheroes. Thank you for your encouragement through the peaks and the pits. Thanks for being a shoulder to cry on, giving me a reason to fill the candy jar, vacuum the rug, have someone to walk to the union with and eat lunch with, for the endless closets, giving me a reason to stay, and letting me mother you and nurture you.

I saw a tweet and it said “Christians often focus on marriage as the most important relationship in a person’s life. But here’s the thing: Jesus never got married. The primary mode of relationship that the perfect human being lived in was friendship. We should probably take friendship more seriously.”

So this year let’s remember to nurture friendships and be kind to one another.

Until Next Time,

Emma Rose Davis

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