What Works #1

Headline: Candice Payne Got 30 Hotel Rooms for Homeless People in Chicago During Severe Cold Snap

This recent article is about Candice Payne who paid for 30 hotel rooms for those in the homeless community in Chicago. This is one of the many acts of kindness exhibited during the polar vortex that affected most of the midwest. However, this one included many people and was not what would be expected.

I chose this article because it was different from all the politics and sadness that much of the media is made up of today. It is a wholesome story about a woman who just saw a need that needed to be filled and filled it. Ms. Payne is not a wealthy person. She is your average person who wanted to do some good. She had people come in and help her fix a solution for longer and in more ways than she thought would be possible.

This story works because it is something that people want to see during such a harsh political climate. I wish it would have had more media involved or a map of where “tent city” was located in Chicago. Maybe more pictures of the conditions in that location. I am interested to see what work she wants to do to get involved. If the governor saw this need and has put anything into action what is it? What happened to those who couldn’t fit in this one location? How much of the population is homeless in the Chicago area? Just a few of the follow-up questions I have and what I would say makes this “not work.”

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