More Alcohol, Less Effort

Oxford, MS – For most college-aged students, the only thing better than a frozen daiquiri is a frozen daiquiri drive-through.

Good news for them: Who Dat’s, a drive-thru daiquiri bar, opened Feb. 8 on Jackson Ave, within walking distance of campus.

While the sale of daiquiris is not new for Oxford, with establishments like Funky’s Pizza and Daiquiris, this is technically the first drive-thru bar to come to town. Blue Sky gas station also sells daiquiris but you have to go in and request them from behind the counter.

“As of right now we are all really excited about the place, from the support to the feedback — even the excitement and hustle in the staff,” said Tyler McKeithen, the manager of Who Dat’s Drive-Thru. “I want people in NOLA hearing about this place and wanting Ole Miss to see it first.”

Drive-thru daiquiri bars are not something that Louisiana is unfamiliar with. According to Leigh Kunkel from Kitchn, drive-thru daiquiri bars are everywhere, especially in New Orleans.

These drive-thru bars are also located on the MS gulf coast. This is not something new to the state of MS.

This was Who Dat’s opening weekend, and according to their Facebook page, they sold more than 832 daiquiris.

A new law that passed in the summer of 2018, paved the way for what previously had not been legal in Lafayette County and the state of MS.

This law essentially says that there cannot be alcohol open in the car close enough that the driver can reach it.

For the beverage to be considered a closed container, the straw cannot poke through the top and Who Dat’s adds a piece of blue tape over the lid to further prevent drivers to be tempted to drink and drive.

Tyler McKeithen, manager of Who Dat’s Drive-Thru said, “the law now requires it not to be open while operating a vehicle. We provide that information to everyone acquiring.”

Mississippi lawyer Steve Wallace said that each county determines their open container law but Mississippi had a bill pass in 2018 that would impose a stricter law on open container rules.

“DUI is the second highest number of cases our office deals with. Drug sales and use being first,” said Wallace.

McKeithen said that they do not use the regular hard liquor that goes into a normal daiquiri, instead, they use a malt liquor equivalent to wine rum.

Who Dat’s Drive-Thru is not the first place to serve alcoholic daiquiris. Blue Sky, located by Krystal, was ahead of the curve by serving alcoholic daiquiris to-go starting about two years ago.

According to Blue Sky gas station, the customers are not allowed to place the straw into their drink until they leave the premises of the gas station.

In 2017, the Daily Mississippian reported that Blue Sky initially faced legal challenges when they first opened. The gas station started selling their daiquiris September 1st, 2017 and were shut down on September 2nd, 2017 due to a miscommunication.

For Blue Sky customers, they cannot poke their straw through the lid until they leave the property. This considers it still be a closed container according to the Attorney General.

Captain Hildon Sessums of OPD said that they are not treating the new bar opening any differently than when Blue Sky opened. They are following the attorney generals rules of what is considered a closed container.

“It is what it is and we make sure to keep an eye out for it,” said Sessums

For college students, convenience is key. McKeithen is looking forward to the business that the bar will bring in. Remember that drinking and driving is against the law!

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