What Works #2

Headline: He Committed Murder. Then He Graduated From an Elite Law School. Would You Hire Him as Your Attorney?

This recent post from the New York Times is about a man, Bruce Reilly, who was arrested for murder. He spent 20 years in prison and 25 years on parol. It discusses how he has come out of life after prison saying things like murderers are the ones they should let out of prison because they normally spend the longest time in there and would mature. Reilly was something of a leader during his time in prison. He limited television time and worked hard to keep himself educated. With a group of friends, he became a prison teacher of sorts.

This article works because the header grabs your attention. Why would a murderer be a lawyer? However, after learning his story and seeing what he did not only while in prison but also after he got out. This article doesn’t work in one way. It needs more media. For this story, media and pictures are very necessary for an article like this. Pictures of him and more of his prison story would work well. How the people around him felt if they knew he was a prisoner.

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