What Works #3

21 Savage on ICE Detention, the Grammys and His Uncertain Future

This recent article from the New York Times is about Atlanta rapper 21 Savage. He was arrested on February 3rd by ICE for overstaying his VISA from the United Kingdom.

This article works because for the Millenials it brings to light the border security that is happening. By putting someone in the spotlight who many people know it sheds a light on the importance of gaining knowledge in regards to this ongoing crisis. It also works because his interview was more personal and showed some of his personality. It lacked pictures and media. It also lacked the discussion of what his sentence looks like and going forward to how they will proceed legally. Many people of the younger generation are very interested and following this story closely, as well as the pop and rap community.

I chose this article because news about pop culture has always been interesting to me. While it is not normally hard pressing news, this story relates to so much of what is happening in the world. With government decisions being made every day about what our country is going to do regarding border security, this story about someone well known will make this problem more real for many young Americans.

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