What Works #5

‘You Have to Pay With Your Body’: The Hidden Nightmare of Sexual Violence on the Border

This article is about the different sex traffic problems that are being reported by the women. One women in particular shares her story about how she was locked in a house and drugged and raped so many times she said she might as well have been dead.

This article works and it doesn’t. While it’s not necessarily hard hitting press it is a feature about an ongoing problem without a real solution. Men are being paid to get people across the border and then sexually abusing them. There is no real answer as to how they will stop this. It also doesn’t work because it needs a map and more visuals. For a story like this, explaining the different places traveled, a visual map would have been a nice demonstration of the distance and places the one particular women went. It also doesn’t offer a solution. It is really bringing more awareness to it.

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