What Works #8 – 3/21/19

A Ride Down Paradise Road

This story is a feature story about different places in the state of Mississippi. It is much less newsy than other what works. It showcases the different people and places Wright Thompson met when he traveled across various cities in Mississippi.

This story works because it really paints a picture for what the state looks like. It gave someone like me, a Mississippi resident for 18+ years, a perspective of what the state looks like to others. There was not much need for visuals as the conversation pieces and the visuals explained. The cotton piece, for example, is something that even I was unaware of. It really brought to life the problems that the farmers faced and it brought it to relevance by placing it on a gameday weekend that I can place. It seems to be more feature like to me rather than a hard hitting press story. However, it does accomplish showing the views of what all the state of Mississippi holds.

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