What Works #10 – 4/14/19

This weeks what works I decided to write on something that as a student is still a large fear for many. This article discusses how far American has come and what we still have to learn 20 years after one of the most influential school shootings in America. Columbine took place on April 20, 1999 in Littleton, Colorado. 13 people were killed and 21 injured, this is excluding the shooters, who committed suicide. There is a disagree among what incidents and situations have been greater or less than Columbine.

This article works because for many students there is a great fear about what could happen in a school shooting. While many millennials parents were taking bomb shelter drills with the catchy song of “duck and cover”, the younger generations are learning where the best places to hide in their classrooms are. Lockdown drills are as common now as fire drills, tornado drills, or any other required drill. This article does not work because it could use a graphic of how many shootings there have been since Columbine with a map showing where they were. Giving someone a visual to how close it was to them could really enhance the article.

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