Course Topic Descriptions

What is Technical Writing?

Week One, we read an article titled What is Technical Writing by Lumen. This article for the beginning was very helpful because I was so unsure of what technical writing was and this gave a very good definition and overview. I still felt a little lost but further readings helped.

Technical Writing in the Professions

Technical writing in the professional world is something more than just medical or engineer writing. The aspect of technical writing is adding sidebars and headings but also nutritional value boxes. Technical writing is important in Journalism and in the aspect of newspaper writing.

User-Centered Communication

It is important to know the forms of communication and that are important in certain situations. You wouldn’t want to write a journalistic article in an engineering jargon.

Communication Failures and Disasters

Online Public Response to a Service Failure Response is the case study I chose during this week. I chose it because it related to PR and was a poor communication skill that I could understand having a solution to.

Ethics in Technical Writing

Ethics in all writing it should be clear and concise but also true. Ethical writing is extremely important topic in technical writing.
Technical Document Genres
The different genres in writing are important because there are different ways of writing for different things. It’s important to understand the difference in Technical writing versus my personal writing or journalistic writing.
Project Management
Project Management is important during technical writing because I feel like in this field group work is very prevalent. It is important to know how to manage groups and work effectively.
Collaborative Writing
Collaborative Writing projects are important and have multiple options for writing. My group chose a user guide and this guide to a user guide was an important grid for us. 

Content Management and Iterative Development

The article Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice by Pullman and Gu is an important integral to directions on how to manage a group. This was another important guideline into how our group worked and effectively turned in our work on time.

Editing, Proofing, and Publishing

This article was very important for the way our group shaped our technical report project. There are certain fonts, headings etc. that do not work when it comes to how readers understand their work.

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