A Whole New World

Let’s catch up and do a small life update. By small…I mean let’s catch up since February. There is nothing like finishing your academic career and finding a job during a GLOBAL pandemic. Really makes you tough.

The last I wrote I was discussing how life didn’t come with spoilers. Crazy how that would be the last thing I would post before we enter into the craziest time that probably anyone has ever lived through. However, since then I finished my academic career. Grad school isn’t in the picture currently but maybe one day. I graduated and I don’t think I have come to terms with that quite yet. I walked across my living room, moved my tassel, threw my cap, and sadly I think that will be the only thing that I get to do. (I did get my diploma in the mail so we know it really happened.)  However, there is good news to all of this. I got a job! I work now at WCBI-TV as the Digital Content and 6 p.m. Producer. I am learning so much every day and really enjoying viewing the world in a different way.

There were so many plans for the spring semester that didn’t get to happen. Weekend trips, formals, senior pictures, sorority senior events, baseball season, and more I am sure I am forgetting. For a long time, I felt like the rug was swept out from under me and I couldn’t catch my breath. As we got the email that we would not have graduation I quite literally fell to the floor. That was the first moment that I knew from then on everything would change. I could only imagine it would be how a break up is if you didn’t get any closure. The questions you have go unanswered and there truly are no spoilers in life.

Jasmine and Aladdin said it best, we are quite literally living in “A Whole New World.” It is crazy when not only your personal life makes drastic changes but also the world goes through a large change. For right now, we will keep on keeping on.

One thing I learned during Quarantine that really helped me through all this was controlling things I could in a time where everything felt out of control. For me, that meant baking and lots of it. I still find that on a day where things feel a bit out of hand, not only is a batch of cookies good for the soul but also for my mind. Despite how crazy the beginning of quarantine was, wouldn’t we all love to be taking family walks, baking bread, making whipped coffee, and watching Tiger King again? Now we are going on month 7 of this new “normal” and those days seem so far away.

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