Grief in every capacity is a hard thing. Your entire world stops for what can be days, weeks, months, even years. You lose a loved one, you lose a pet, a friendship ends, relationships end and people move on to new chapters. Your world stops and everyone continues to move on. The prayer list continues. The calls stop coming. People stop checking in. You are alone. You hate to bother anyone with your feelings. You are doing everything you can to make yourself feel better, but then the grief comes back. You see a picture, Facebook shares a memory, seasons change, you need to ask about family members, you can’t remember that song lyric…but life moves on. There is no timeline for grief. It just continues to happen. While your world feels like you have a rain cloud in your brain everyone keeps going on. Jamie Anderson said, “grief is just love with no place to go.” When I read that it gave me comfort because I can no longer express the love for the people I had in my life. When people ask me about those who have passed, it gives me joy to speak of the love that I had for them. Grief is different for everyone. For some people seeing old pictures of a loved one that has passed or a video where you can hear their voice sends them into tears but for others love and comfort washes over them while they hold on to the sweet memories they have. We all grieve differently and there is no wrong way to do it. We all grieve different things from a death of a loved one to an ending chapter in your life and even character deaths in your favorite TV show. Grief will never go away. We as humans will always grieve. The fear that grief will never end is valid. You will never stop grieving but it will get easier. Life moves on. I don’t know if the pain ever stops but maybe we just learn to live with it. Even if it has been months, weeks, or years…check on your friends who have lost someone, something, or whatever it may be.

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