New York City

     Where to start? Well just like Julie Andrews said “lets start from the very beginning!” So after a very confusing two months of we are going, we aren’t going, and we finally landed on, okay we are going. This would be our first family vacation in over 5 years. The weather decided to not be on our side for our little vacation. After having our flight cancelled out of Memphis, driving to Nashville to catch another flight, and arriving at our hotel 10 minutes before the start of the Broadway show I was attending the only word I can use to sum that up is overwhelming.
      So we left Wednesday and ended up in The Big Apple on Friday night. On Friday I went with our friend Jennifer Rose to a see Les Mis and stay with her at her apartment. Before I go on may I just say how absolutely talented the cast of that show is. I’ve never seen anything like that in my entire life. It gave me such a new appreciation for the actors and actresses. After we saw the show we went to Ellen’s Stardust Cafe. I had ice cream for dinner and it was amazing. While I was living a New York experience the rest of my family was out with my moms high school best friend for an evening on the town. So I woke up early Saturday morning ready to conquer the day. Suitcase in tow, Jennifer and I hopped on the subway to meet up with the rest of my family to get on with our day. Scottie and my father weren’t quite ready to get up yet so my mom, Jennifer, and I went to get breakfast. We ate at The Galaxy Diner and I had the best omelet ever. (sorry dad) We went to check on my dad and Scottie and they were finally up. So we went to take family pictures in Times Square. Saturday we hit a lot of the big stuff. Times Square and Rockefeller Center were our main victims for the day. Central Park was covered in snow and it was BEAUTIFUL. There were so many children sledding and families out walking it was great. We stopped in The Plaza because my childhood dream was to be Eloise. So I got a macaroon and a ginger ale and walked the underground part of the Plaza. We ate some New York pizza per my dads request but it was very good. We continued through the day shopping and taking in the city as much as we could. For dinner we ate at a restaurant called Five Napkin Burger. I think all of my family would highly recommend it!
     On Sunday we went to the 9/11 museum. It was an absolutely overwhelmingly surreal experience. It was so much to take in. I would recommend if you have the option that you should go but after you do just sit and decompress for a bit. We did not do that after and we all agreed as a family that we wished we would have. So after that we had a few places in Soho and Union Square that we wanted to go to. Sunday was mostly a shopping day but fun none the less. Sunday night we ate at another burger place but this one was all organic. It is called Bare Burger and it has the BEST burger I have ever eaten in my life. One thing I noticed in New York while shopping is just how nice some of the dresses, bags, shoes, and just merchandise was. As someone who has always loved make up and clothes walking into Saks Fifth Avenue was one of my favorite parts.
     There are so many more details and stories I could share but this post is already long enough. I have waited for so long to go back to New York and really experience it. When I was 10 I went for a day with some family friends of ours. It was everything I had dreamed it would be. I am so grateful for my experience and that we had such a nice family vacation. I was indeed in a New York State of mind.

We obviously couldn’t start our day without Starbucks.

Off we went on our crazy adventure. 


Took my first Uber.
Photo creds: Jennifer Rose

Selfies in Times Square because why not?

Mommy and I in front of our beautiful hotel

This picture makes me laugh because it truly shows how
different we all are. 

Thanks for showing me the ropes Jen! 

Concrete Jungle

Radio City and Ed Sullivan Theater

Live from New York its Saturday Night!

Central Park 

Big time dreamers


Family Selfies on the top of Rockefeller Center

love my radical dadical 

9/11 museum 

My mom wanted a picture of us by the 9/11 Memorial
we all agreed it didn’t feel right to smile. So instead we just
observed the names of those who lost their lives. 

Dinner with Jennifer at Bear Burger

He thinks he is so cool.

 I would love to hear some of your New York stories! Leave me a comment! Thanks for reading!!! xoxo

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